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- by Taylor

Best guitar repair shop ever!!! Frank is one of the coolest, nicest guys I've ever met. I've been in twice for minor electronics tweaks (had some crackling noise coming out the electronic output on my acoustic), and both times he has been extremely accommodating, and both times he's opened it up, bent something and fixed the problem FREE OF CHARGE. His words, "I'll take care of you". Very friendly, very knowledgeable, and if nothing else, a great guy to talk to for a couple minutes. Couldn't speak more highly of this shop.

- by Daniel

Its really true!! Frank is a great guy. But even better he does fantastic work! He also takes the time to explain things in detail And in my case teach me a few things about do it myself work!

- by Jim

I have had Frank "set up" and alter several guitar's, both electric, accoustic, and a 110 year old mandolin. I can not say enough good things about the quality of the work, as well as the genuine concern for my happiness with his work. Having happy customer's seems to be his number one concern. Frank had me show him how I play before he even touches the guitar so he can fit it to how I play, not some general specifications in a book. When I pick up the instument, he has me play it again to see if it suits me. I could not ask for better or more friendly service and quality of workmanship. For me, it has been worth every penny I have spent there.

- by Dave

Even though I live in Richland, Wa. it is worth the 150 mile drive to have Frank work on my guitars. He brought my '66 Gibson 335 back to life (after sitting in the basement for 20 years, unplayable) and it was no small task. He also improved some guitars I have, when the others said "it couldn't be done". My "go to" guitars are mostly those that Frank has set-up for me. Frank has the experience & skill to make your guitar the best it can be. He's very personable and will work with you & will go the extra mile. His #1 priority is Customer Service.

- by Trent Holeman

I have been a consistent customer of Franks for the past 7 years and I can honestly say that I have never allowed another set of hands to touch my guitars. The work that Frank does is immaculate. Frank and I worked together on a customization of mine and it was a lengthy process but the guitar turned out looking better than I had ever pictured and sounds 100 times greater than when I took it in. Frank not only helped me grow as a guitarist but he also helped me grow my knowledge for the instrument. When I first took a guitar to him I had no idea how to even re-string a guitar, now when I walk in I am able to communicate to him in his lingo and whenever we discuss the insides of a guitar we both know exactly what we're talking about and it makes the whole process so much easier and enjoyable. I am always more than impressed when I get my guitar back. Frank not only listens to what you say, he understands it and makes it a reality. Frank and I come from two different musical backgrounds so I have always come to him with ideas that are a little out of the norm but he is always up for the challenge. Whenever we discuss what I want to do with my instrument he gives me ideas that he would like to try and I am always willing to oblige. Frank has great resources for getting what you want and even helped me discover something new that I absolutely cherish and am now going to become a loyal user of, when I was doing my build I was wanting to put new pickups in it. Frank suggested that I try Kent Armstrong Pickups. I ordered a set and they are perfect for what I want and I will use them from now on. The atmosphere at Franks is always so welcoming. When you walk in you're greeted with a smile and and are always made to feel like you're at home from the time you enter till you exit. No matter where I go in life and where I end up I will pay the money to ship my guitars to Frank. Frank and I have not only developed a wonderful working relationship, but we've developed a wonderful friendship and I can honestly call Frank a member of my family, and that is something you will find no where else and what makes him the best of the best.

- by Kenny Lawson

GuitarFranks is simply THE BEST. -Kenny

- by Garry

Trusting someone to repair, modify or setup guitars that you are protective of is not easy. Frank has set up four of my prized possessions and has done meticululous work on all of them. He coordinated a refret on a 1975 Guild acoustic D55 that I have had since new. It plays and sounds fantastic. The next project involved a Fender Custom Strat that I also purchased new. Over the last 9 years, Frank has installed a custom humbucker as a rear pickup and wired it in beautifully even with the rather complex S-1 switching system. A Buzz Feiten modification and total set up was the next phase. This guitar is a rocket and the work was once again impeccable. My Gibson ES-347 was next, the setup was perfect and he added years to the frets. Last but not least, my Eric Johnson Strat was setup and slightly modified, and what an improvement. If you want the best work possible from not just a truly nice guy, but also someone who really knows guitars, Guitar Franks is the place to go.

- by Keven Franklin

If you are at this site and this page, you are thinking about making a decision… First, please read all of the other five-star comments. I have no argument with any of them and my own experience has found those statements to be incredibly true. I’ve had my instruments set up and repaired by some of the best from Seattle to New York City and points in between. So incredible is not a word I use lightly. To the point then, if you have not spent the time and yes the money with Frank then you possibly haven’t heard what your instrument can really do if given a real chance in the hands of a craftsman. Vintage Holy Grail collectable or yard sale special, campfire or big stages; doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is that Frank will look for the best tone and playability no regardless of what you bring in. I say instrument because after Frank “worked” on my first guitar, it became a new musical instrument. It became so much better to perform on stage with. And I played with a new confidence in its better tone and playability. And since the first, it is Frank that now works on my instruments. Acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, vintage or brand new, he is still finds the best tone and playing set up that works for me, my ear, and my playing style. So, think about it. Read the other reviews, and then decide for yourself how to spend your money and your time with your guitar. Maybe it's still not as bad as it seems. Or, maybe there is more incredible instrument to be found by Frank that you’ll get to now play and enjoy.

- by tom ramsey

Frank is an incredible guitar tech and wonderful human being. For all of his musical accomplishments, he is probably the most humble musician I have met. A pleasure to know him and his work is impeccable.

- by Don Smet

Frank has been working on my guitars since I first started playing almost 30 years ago. He always takes the time to do things THE RIGHT WAY! Recently, I bought all the pieces and parts for a custom build and had Frank assemble and set it all up for me. This is now the nicest guitar I have ever owned and I gig regularly with it exclusively. I like to say that "it plays like butta and sounds like jam!" I wouldn't take any of my guitars to anyone else for work.

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For the 28 yrs I have repaired guitars in the Spokane area.( 12 of those yrs as GuitarFranks ) We only repair guitars. Electric, Acoustic, Basses, all kinds, etc.

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