What is this site about?

We want a place were customers could easily find, and contact, all guitar repair shops in their area.

How many people send email vs. call/visit

Only a small percentage of people visiting our site choose to send an email first. Most will call or visit your shop directly. They understand it's hard to give estimates over email, but when you do recieve one, do your best to answer.

Are there any reviews from shops/customers I can read?

Yes, read some reviews here: Reviews.

How do you prevent SPAM?

Your email address is never displayed on the site, therefore SPAM bots cannot get them. Our forms prevent SPAM from non-human users, so there is no need to worry.

Does each store get the same customer request?

Yes, the request is emailed to all stores in the searched area.

How do I respond?

Click the link in the email you get saying a question has been posted. Then respond using the form on our site.

Do other stores see my responses?

No, all responses are between you and the customer.

Why are you doing this?

We want to prove our value to your business and the customer. We feel we can both increase your profits and help the customer at the same time.

How can I edit/remove my business info?

You can change email addresses, remove your business, and everything else from your Mystats page that was sent in your welcome email. If you need it sent again, contact us HERE.

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